VORTRAG: European Health Forum Gastein 2016

„Where should we put our hopes and priorities?  Ein Vortrag im Rahmen des 19. European Health Forum. Zu sehen im Webcast ab Minute 41. Vortragssprache: Englisch.

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Mehr Informationen über die Session:


Alzheimer’s disease is clearly on our demographic horizon. Are our health systems ready to face this unprecedented challenge? How are we preparing to ensure appropriate prevention, treatment and care, and inclusion?

Today, we can already identify clear challenges and elaborate potential solutions given the epidemiological evidence, on-going reforms aimed at integrating health and social care, and a new wave of potential treatments.
But the challenges posed by dementia will test the strength of our governance model and raise societal issues well beyond our health systems. From the technical to the societal, our panellists will help shape a better understanding of the likely scenarios for the coming years and the type of solutions being contemplated.

“Dementia is a costly and heart-breaking epidemic with an immense impact, medically, psychologically, emotionally, and financially.”
Margaret Chan, DG WHO at the G8 Dementia Summit on 11 December 2013

Governments and public health authorities increasingly understand the challenge that dementia will pose to our society and have put it on the agenda of high-level meetings during recent years. Leading European countries have implemented national plans and the EU has funded a number of large programmes promoting research across all aspects of dementia.“

Quelle : http://www.ehfg.org/speaker-details.html?eid=176&s=D target=“_blank“